MODEL: AToM Pro Intake System – VW Polo GTI 1.8 (6C)
WEIGHT: 2.00kg


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Introducing the AToM Pro version intake for the CCHB engine found in the Polo GTi and the SEAT Ibiza Cupra. The “Pro” borrows key features from the AToM Race version which is now tuned for the IS12/20 series of turbo, improving cost and driveability.

Key Features:

o Reverse Mounted, Washable, Reusable 120mm (4.7″) Dry Cotton Filter: This large diameter filter inlet minimizes resistance to flow, providing a huge mouth for air entry. The shaped filter outlet ensures air exits as smoothly as possible.
o 76mm (3″) Outlet heat shield: Sealed inside a powder-coated aluminium case, the air filter shields against hot air from the engine bay. This provides a large volume for air accumulation, and a 76mm (3″) outlet ensures high-volume airflow.
o 76mm – 76mm (full 3″) Turbo Inlet Hose: The 4-ply, wire-reinforced silicone hose has a full internal bore of 76mm running from intake to turbo keeping the air as turbulence-free as possible. Silicone insulates against heat from the turbo area, minimizing wall friction and airspeed.
o Large Diameter Flanges with Multiple Turbo Compatibility: The 76mm (3”) outlet of the turbo inlet hose allows the use of a massive inlet flange, making the AToM Pro compatible with various turbocharger systems without compromising performance. On several designs, smaller inlet elbows provided by the turbo manufacturer were eliminated, maximizing flow to the turbo
o Turbo Compatibility: The AToM Pro is compatible with the following turbos, either through a suitable flange or direct coupling of the hose onto the turbo:
Garrett IS12/20/38

Garrett IS38 Hybrid (Vortex XL/TTE/Littco/CTS/LM series/etc)

Garrett Power MAX (1&2) – with a 2-bolt hole, suited flange

Increased Airflow: Enhance your vehicle’s performance.
Faster Throttle Response: Improve the acceleration of your vehicle.
Crisp Enhanced Engine Note: Experience a more robust and immersive driving sensation.

76mm (3″) Outlet, Powder-Coated Closed Aluminium Casing
Washable, Reusable 120mm (4.7inch) Dry Cotton Filter
176mm (3″) – 76mm (3″) 4 Plyu, wire-reinforced Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe
Improved Turbo Spool, Torque, and Power
Bolt-on Fitment

Vehicle Fitment Guide:
Compatible Models: Volkswagen Polo GTI 1.8 2017-2018 6C | Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8 2017-2018 6J
Engine: 1.8 TSi (EA888.3)
Engine Codes: CCHB – 132Kw

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