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About Us

Blaze Performance was formed on the back of 10 years of OEM motor manufacturing experience in design and manufacturing engineering and a further 10 years experience in the Performance tuning industry. The experience, with a passion for engineering design and problem-solving, Kumarin has placed Blaze in the position to be able to provide the local tuning industry with high quality, value-engineered components to help counter the disadvantage of South Africa’s poor exchange rate, without any quality and performance compromise.

Kumarin has seen the design and manufacture of several components in the tuning industry over the past 10 years. The now well established Atom Induction kit was designed by Kumarin, during his year of competing in South African National Drag racing series. The introduction of the Atom Induction to the hardware setup of his Golf 6 GTi gave the car a jump in performance, moving the then benchmark from 13.0 seconds to 12.66 seconds way back in 2010. That series and the push for more power also saw the invention of a front-mounted DSG cooler for the VW 2.0 Turbo models.
The Atom has since then evolved into the Atom 2 and found it’s way into other models of the VW and Audi brand of cars, boasting gains in torque and power whenever it was added to a vehicle. The Atom Induction offered the South African performance tuning market, it’s only completely closed, South African designed and manufactured price-effective performance intake. During his years of working in the OEM environment, Kumarin has worked with suppliers in various countries, with onsite visits to their facilities to vet and approve their manufacturing environments and processes. This experience has provided Blaze Performance with an industry advantage of being able to work with and develop suppliers, regardless of their origin and market presence, to ensure that the products sold by Blaze Performance can be trusted and is of intrinsic value. Blaze Performance will continue to push the boundaries of design and manufacture, increasing market presence and providing the industry with an ever-increasing product offering.